En ægte oase med saltvand, eksklusive behandlinger med principper om salt på huden. Fra det eksotiske trædæk har du den smukkeste udsigt til at det skønne i verden.

Åben alle dage, beliggende ved siden af Aqua Park Marino, på 1. sal oven over Marino Restaurant. Adgang via elevator.
Åbningstider: 10.00 – 18.00.

Indgang 2 timer: € 10,00
Indgang hele dagen: € 20,00

Hver tirsdag og fredag morgen Family Morning: 10.00 – 13.00, € 12,00 pr. voksen inkl. 1 barn.
Vi står til rådighed med flere oplysninger omkring vores tilbud og gode råd.






• Give yourself an emotion € 67,00
- 1 Back rub (20 min.)
- 1 Facial massage (20 min.)
- 1 Entry for 2 hours in the Wellness area

 Relax for 2 € 88,00
- 2 Back rubs (20 min.)
- 2 Entries for 2 hours in the Wellness area

• Back treatments € 85,00
- 1 Back Massage (20 min.)
- 1 "Green Cast" Back Treatment (30 min.)
- 1 Full day entry to the Wellness area

• Regenerating treatment € 85,00
- 1 Entry to the pool with dissolved algae and sea salt (20 min.)
- 1 Mud application with draining and detoxifying action (50 min.)
- 1 Face massage

• Smooth skin   € 88,00
- 1 Entry to the “algae salty hot tub” (20 min.)
- 1 Sea salt body peeling and moisturizing cream (25 min.) 
- 1 Moisturizing facial treatment (50 min.)

• Remodelling legs   € 98,00
- 1 Entry to the Thalasso "hyper-salty tubs" (30 min.)
- 1 Mud application with draining and detoxifying action (50 min.)
- 1 Legs massage (25 min.)

• Imperial Wellness € 126,00
- 1 Grand Sultan Ritual treatment (50 min.)
- 1 Facial massage (20 min.)
- 1 Beauty manicure with nail polish application (50 min.)
- 1 Full day entry to the Wellness area




• Facial Massage (min. 20) € 25,00
The stimulation of some parts of the face by following the nerves gives new brightness to a dull visage and brings back your lost energy; all of this will give you a profound sense of well-being.

• Feet Massage (min. 20) € 30,00
It is a deep moment of wellness not only for a single part of the body which supports all-day strains, but also for all of your body and for your mind. 

• Cervical and Back Massage (min. 25) € 39,00  -  (min. 50) € 70,00
This type of massage is all dedicated to the back; it is related to cervical treatments, low back pain treatments, sciatica etc. 
This massage is specific for people who suffer from back pain. 

• Legs Massage (min. 25) € 39,00
The leg massage is always reinvigorating and effective: it is a precious help for sportspeople and a beauty cure to regain tonicity and to eliminate cellulite.

• Relaxing Massage (min. 50) € 60,00
It is appropriate to release physical and emotional stress.
It is a combination of various parts of oriental massages, and it has a light approach to the Guest, and can be compared to a comforting and pleasant “cuddle”.

• Lymphatic Drainage – Vodder Method (min. 50) € 65,00
Beauty treatment. Particular type of drainage, performed on body parts with an excessive liquid deposit. 

• Sport Massage (min. 50) € 65,00
It is a treatment dedicated to all athletes and people who want  to keep their muscles always fit.

• Decontracting Massage (min. 50) € 65,00
It is a profound massage, which releases tension and muscle contractures due to stress, bad posture, intense physical activities.

• Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage (min. 50) € 65,00  -  (min. 80) € 90,00
The Ayurvedic Massage is a soft and relaxing Indian treatment, very efficient for body cure, for physical beauty and spiritual harmony. 
The Ayurvedic Massage is part of the Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian tradition which can donate the lost balance to the organism, generating physical and mental well-being.  

• Massage Thai Oil (min. 50) € 65,00
This massage is characterized by slow, soft and pleasant movements for a complete sense of relax, and it  will stimulate all the energy meridians in order to increase the energy flow through the body.

• Traditional Thai     min. 50    € 70,00  -  min. 80    € 95,00
This massage technique is especially thought for athletes of aerobic disciplines, like running, cycling, football. The massage can contribute to reduce the recovery time, while making both your body and your mind incredibly relaxed.





• Facial cleansing € 55,00
An accurate and deep cleansing to restore a bright and renewed skin. It consists in ozone vaporizations, peeling, elimination of the impurities and a relieving mask.

• Moisturizing Treatment € 60,00
Treatment for dry skin, dehydrated through atmospheric agents as well as through long lasting sun exposure. Cleansing and application of a serum with concentrated active ingredients to give new energy and tone to the skin.

• Treatment for impure skin € 60,00
Professional impure skin treatment that allows an effective, normalizing and lasting action over time.
The result: the skin is visibly compact, opaque and velvety and keeps its ideal level of hydration. 

• Anti-Aging Treatment € 70,00
This treatment fights the skin aging process and stimulates the cell turnover to give a new energy and tone to the face.


Exfoliation of the superficial skin layers. Removes the dead cells and stimulates the cell turnover. Ideal before sunbathing in order to increase the production of melanin.

• Sea salt treatment (min. 25) € 35,00
Scrub with fragrant oils and sea salt.

• Marino Wellness Scrub (min. 40) € 45,00
Soft exfoliating action for every type of skin, even the most delicate ones. At the end, a moisturizing body cream is applied. 


• Mud Detox (min. 50) € 65,00
Mud application with draining and detoxifying action.

• Warm cuddles   € 105,00

- 1 Sea salt treatment  (20 min.)
- 1 Relaxing massage (50 min.) 
- 1 Full day entry to the Wellness area

• Give an emotion as a present   € 130,00
To offer someone a special emotion, choose between our proposals:
- 1 Massage of your choice (50 min.)
- 1 Facial Treatment of your choice
- 1 Entry for 2 hours in the Wellness area

• Magic SPA  € 95,00
Relax your body and soul, letting yourself be lulled by a moonlight dance for a deep wellness…
Only by reservation, every evening, from 20.00 to 22.00 o’clock (max. 4 people).
Included in the package:
- 1 Massage choice between:
- Candle Massage 
- Maori Massage
- Relax Massage
- 1 Sound Massage with Tibetan Bells.
- Mix of fresh fruit, dried fruit and purifying herbal tea.
Note: the price is for 1 person.


• Candle Massage min. 50 € 65,00
The warm oil is drizzled over the skin and massaged by deep relaxing strokes to melt away tensions and delicately nourish the skin.

• Hot Stone Massage min. 50 € 65,00
Extraordinarily relaxing massage with volcanic hot stones, to immerse yourself into a deep sense of wellness.

• Shiatsu Treatment    min. 50    € 70,00  -  min. 80    € 95,00
The Shiatsu treatment goes beyond the concept of physical disease; its aim is to restore the energy balance of the body and it is based on a non-invasive and relaxing contact. The manual technique comes from the ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine (MTC).

• Maori® Massage     min. 50    € 65,00
The Maori Massage is a ritual massage for courage, it is an intense and profound massage which prepares the body to face everyday life and its efforts, a treatment to fight against fear. The peculiarity of the wood tools used during the Maori Massage is still incredible, because they allow a profound muscle massage.

• The Grand Sultan Ritual    min. 80    € 90,00
The protagonist of this magic Ritual is the Sabunlu Massaj, the soap foam which is blown all over the body through special cotton bags. 
This original ritual revokes the scenography and the aromas of the tradition, but it takes place on a massage table.

• Ice Experience Treatment LEGS min. 40 € 50,00
It is a complete legs treatment with a deep draining effect on the interstitial retention fluids which are responsible for water retention and pre-cellulite.

• Ice Experience Treatment FACE    min. 30    € 40,00
- An extraordinary “awakening effect” of the skin around the eyes, which is very sensible and weak.
- A noticeable improvement on the brightness of the skin.
- A gradual and progressive improvement of the general skin tone.
- A visible sense of relief for sensitive and blotchy skin.
- A decongestant effect for skins affected by acne and, as a consequence, drainage of the stagnant liquids.
- A strengthening of the body thermoregulation and a subsequent reactivation of metabolism of the fat mass on the most critical parts of the body, which reduces the fibrous mass.

• “Green Cast” Treatment        
- Face 40 min. € 52,00 
- Back 50 min. € 75,00 
- Chest 50 min. € 75,00 
- Legs 50 min. € 95,00 
The “Green Cast” is an alive substance which has its own life cycle, coming from the fragmentation of chalk. Thanks to a special formula, which includes Rosemary essences, it can be useful for inflammatory states.

• Intensive anti-cellulite Treatment (min. 80) € 85,00
Compress and treatment with reshaping action to define the body.


• Manicure without nail polish application € 25,00

• Manicure with nail polish application € 30,00

• Nail polish application € 10,00

• Manicure and semi-permanent nail polish € 45,00

• Semi-permanent polish application € 35,00

• Semi-permanent polish removal € 15,00

• Beauty Feet Treatment € 30,00
Beauty treatment to make the feet soft and velvety.
Which includes:
- delicate scrub;
- moisturizing compress;
- final massage.

• Beauty Pedicure € 35,00
Nails modelling, cuticles removal and nail polish application.

• Healing Pedicure € 45,00
Pedicure for people with calluses, hard skin, ingrown nails and horns.

• Pedicure with semi-permanent polish allication € 55,00

• Beauty Pedicure and Manicure for MAN € 60,00

• Eyebrow modelling € 10,00
• Ttoal body epilation € 70,00
• Upper lip epilation € 8,00
• Armpits epilation € 10,00
• Arms epilation € 18,00
• Groin epilation € 10,00
• Complete groin epilation € 15,00
• Half a leg epilation € 20,00
• Whole leg epilation € 25,00

• Back epilation starting from € 30,00
• Chest epilation starting from € 30,00
• Legs epilation starting from € 30,00

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