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The map provides a concise representation of the Union Lido Camping, including its avenues and buildings, between the provincial road and the beach. The map is intended to be used together with the Directory, which contains detailed descriptions of locations and facilities, as well as accurate instructions for orientation.

Conventional Symbols
• Lines are roads.
• The arrow marks the entrance.
• Raised solid surfaces represent buildings.
• Hatched textures represent pools.
• The wavy texture represents the sea.
• The dotted texture represents the accessible beach.
• Dots represent bus stops.
• Crosses represent public bathrooms.
• The large cross represents lodging number 58, which has its own tactile map.
• The circled cross represents the Lodging Point.
• The large dot represents the Reception.
• The double continuous line represents the provincial road.
• Dotted lines represent pedestrian paths.

Numbers marking areas of interest are in large-print and Braille.

The map also includes coloured areas:

• Blue surfaces represent the sea and pools.
• The ochre surface represents the beach.
• The green surface represents the campsite.
• Orange surfaces represent areas with buildings of interest.
• The grey surface represent the road.
• Bathrooms and bus stops are yellow.
• Symbols for the Lodging, Lodging Point, Reception, entrance, and clinic are in red.


Place the map horizontally with the cut corner to the top right. In the upper left corner, you will find the words “Mappa Camping Union Lido” (Italian for “Camping Union Lido Map”) in large-print and Braille.
Move your hands over the sheet, and you’ll immediately identify the wavy blue sea texture at the top of the map, along with the dotted ochre strip just below it, representing the accessible beach. This is interspersed with some vertical lines, which are the access walkways to the beach, and it features three dotted strips extending into the sea, representing breakwaters made of stone.
Moving your hands downward, crossing the green surface, you’ll feel a series of lines intersecting at right angles, interspersed with other shapes and raised rectangular surfaces, which represent the roads within the campsite and various points of interest, respectively. Among the roads, in the empty areas on the green background, there are various pitches with lodgings.
As you approach the bottom of the map, you’ll cross a thick double line that runs parallel to the lower edge of the sheet, separating the green surface from a grey strip. This is the provincial road, providing access to the Camping. Below the road, towards the bottom left corner of the map, you’ll feel some solid surfaces. From left to right, these are: two rectangles marking the Camping Market buildings, a red-highlighted arrow pointing to the Camping entrance, and a yellow-highlighted dot marking a bus stop.
Move your fingers upwards along the red-highlighted arrow, and just beyond the double line of the provincial road; you’ll find the thin line of one of the internal campsite roads heading straight up. Do not follow it for now; instead, move your fingers slightly to the left and, almost adjacent to the provincial road, you’ll encounter another yellow dot indicating the other stop for buses coming in the opposite direction. To the right of the road, you’ll find the number “1” in large-print and Braille. This defines the first area of interest, comprising the Reception and a group of buildings on the left side of the road, set on an orange surface.
These raised rectangles are the Art&Park Hotel and the Fitness Arena gym. There’s also a square with a hole in the middle, highlighted in red; this is the clinic, and nearby, you’ll find the ATM. To the right of the road, just above the number “1”, you’ll find a circled dot also in red; this is the Reception.
Now following the vertical road upwards, just after the first group of buildings, you’ll notice that the line becomes dotted. Do not follow it but, from this intersection, move your fingers to the right and you’ll feel a continuous line running parallel to the long edge of the sheet. Going to the left, it’s called Via Torino, and after a short distance, you’ll find a yellow-highlighted cross marking a bathroom, just below the road. Going to the right, the road is called Via Milano, and it continues further, crossing some points of interest.
As you follow this road, after the first intersection with another vertical line, still along the lower side of the road you’ll encounter a circled cross (highlighted in red) next to a raised building. This is the Lodging Point. Continuing to the right, you’ll then encounter, in this order: an upward-branching road that connects Via Milano to a parallel road (Via Napoli); two yellow crosses marking bathrooms, below the road and not far apart; another road heading upward, and just after this intersection, on the lower side, a wavy blue surface with an irregular outline. This is the Aqua Park Laguna, and by moving your fingers slightly up and to the left, you’ll find the yellow cross of another bathroom.
Now, return to the intersection with the dotted line. This represents a pedestrian path. Follow it upwards and you’ll feel that, to its left and right, there are several buildings on an orange surface. On the left, just above the number “2” and under the horizontal line representing Via Genova, you’ll find the yellow cross of a bathroom.
To the right of the dotted line, you’ll find a building with hatching on the left side, which is the Tourist Market shop. Immediately to the upper right of it, past a short pedestrian path, you’ll find the now-usual yellow cross of a bathroom. From here, move to the right and, after crossing the vertical line of a road, you’ll encounter some more raised surfaces on an orange background, enclosed between the lines of two roads at the top and bottom. These are the buildings of Camping Home Espace, grouping together various facilities. Among the reliefs, you can recognise a star-shaped surface, which is a water tank, and a bathroom. Continuing to the right towards the end of the sheet, as you did on Via Milano, you would travel along Via Venezia and encounter two more bathrooms, passing through an intersection along the way.
Now, return to the “strip” of Camping Home Espace buildings and, approximately in the middle, you’ll find a road that proceeds vertically upward. Take it, and you’ll quickly encounter a large red-highlighted cross on the left. This is the lodging Family Home Lido number 58, for which are provided an own Directory and a tactile map with detailed floor plans.
If you go left from the cross, following the line representing Via Roma, you’ll first encounter a bathroom and then an intersection. Here, move your fingers upward, along the continuous line of the road turning into a dotted line to indicate a pedestrian path. You’ll feel a building on the left and, on the right, the number “3” on an orange background. This is Piazza Lido, the seafront square of the Camping providing various dining options in that very rectangular building. If you continue from here, you’ll encounter another bathroom moving upward.
Now, return to the large cross of accommodation number 58 and place your fingers directly above it. Here, you’ll find some other raised shapes on an orange background, intersected by the dotted line of a pedestrian path, along with a wavy blue surface in the shape of a right angle. Immediately to the left of this complex is the number “4”.
You are now in the Aqua Park Marino area, where the pool is represented by the wavy blue surface. Here, you’ll find the Theatre and SPA, among other facilities. This area can be explored in detail on a separate tactile map with its own legend, along with further instructions in the Camping Directory.
Highlighted in yellow, to the right of the Aqua Park Marino area, you’ll find the vertical line of a road that leads you once again to the accessible beach. If you go right from here, you can follow two horizontal roads (Via Padova and Via Roma), along which you may encounter two more bathrooms.

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