Elena Enzo

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“Elena Enzo – The gentle side of rock!

Let’s check something together:

1) Have you ever been on holiday at Union Lido? ✅

2) Did you maybe have matters you needed to solve? ✅

3) Did you need to contact our secretary office? ✅

If you left the secretary office with a good solution, with a reassurance or an admission of a mistake and apologies (of course we make mistakes too!)… then we are sure you spoke with Elena!

Elena is a veteran in your beloved campsite. 1993 she began working here for the very first time, which means exactly 28 years ago.

She started working in the Booking Office and learned much from her “mentors”: Armando Ballarin, Frau Enzo – for those who had the pleasure of meeting her, Aida and Cristina.

During the same period, she shows up in the tourism fairs around Europe. She was of course very talented, but her most important quality was her attention to any Guest’s need, her being kind and nice even when she has to manage the most difficult situations.

2001 she signed her permanent contract with Union Lido and throughout this period she could experience the evolution and changes of the booking systems. From the exchange of letters to the request via Facebook, she experienced the Telex, the Fax and the E-mails. Behind an envelope or via online message there she is: Elena, who works with all her extraordinary girls. During summer 2002 the European bikers meeting HOG – “Harley Owners Group” was held at Union Lido and involved Cavallino-Treporti too.

In 2010 she became the Booking Supervisor and started dealing with the Sales sector.

In 2016 she had a new great opportunity to improve her job: the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti allowed the campsites to celebrate weddings on the beach and Elena became the Union Lido official Wedding Planner. All the Union Lido lovers do not miss the opportunity to say their “I do” on the “golden beach”, in the location of their dream, elegantly prepared by our Elena.

Since 2017 she dedicates herself completely to the Sales sector, developing price lists (oops Elena, we maybe shouldn’t have said it ?), offers and packages dedicated to the groups. She even works on the many different sales online portals.

She organises some historic car and motorcycle meeting, such as the NSU one.

However, she remains the person in charge where our Guests face difficult situations; have you ever seen the Pulp Fiction Film? We have our “Mr. Wolf, I solve problems” too…but Elena has always nice manners!

Be careful, don’t be fooled by all her sweetness!

She is a real rebel girl grown in the 70s: if you approach her desk, you will hear the Doors music, soundtrack of her working days.

If after this complete description you have not imagined Elena yet, close your eyes and say: “Dear guests, good morning. Today is Wednesday, March 17th. It’s 12 o’clock. There temperature outside is 23 degrees, the water temperature is 19 degrees “. Done? ✅

Well, this is Elena Enzo, the gentle side of Rock!

“In here we never stop growing, every day we need to update and improve, thanks to the help of the whole team. I’ve always been taught that you obtain results when the team works together and I want to keep on thinking like that, work with my colleagues and end my day knowing that we are satisfied with the goals achieved! “