Eleonora Nardin

UL Originals Blog

– “At Union Lido you can have fun, relax, spend carefree moments, party, but…”

-“But what?”

-“But at the end of the day, the numbers have to be right!”

And who makes Union Lido’s numbers work? Eleonora, of course!

in 1992 she first began working at the Cash Office as Data Entry. It was clear from the start that she didn’t lack in precision nor accuracy, both valuable skills for the office where, at the end of the day, every number has to be in the right spot.

In her first 5 years at Union Lido she gathers experiences in different sectors, and ends up working for the Currency Exchange Office as well. Do you remember the value of the german Mark, the English Pound, the Austrian Schilling or the Swiss Frank? When you think about it today, it seems like ages past!

Anyway, back to Eleonora: in 1997 she is offered a position as a Cashier, with all the complications that come with the job: frantic working rhythms, especially on check-out days; the necessity to get every check right, the managing of the delicate matter of the Guest’s payment. Mission accomplished! Eleonora overcomes every challenge on her path, and becomes Head of the Cash Office in 2017 almost by herself.

28 years after her first day on the job, she said: “The accomplishments and the satisfaction you get form working at Union Lido are unending”.