Francesca Ballarin

UL Originals Blog

A quarter of a century at Union Lido.

1996 Francesca started working in your beloved campsite for the very first time, so get ready: this coming summer she will celebrate her first 25 years at Union Lido! We are waiting for an invitation to join the party: despite all rules of the time we are living in, we are pretty sure that she will not disappoint the expectations. Concerning her career, we can tell you that, after her first task at the Reception, she began her experience at the Information Office: she learned all the secrets of the job in order to become the Info Point Queen. Francesca aims to win on the Queen Elizabeth’s longevity by counting on the harmony of her team, even thanks to the many team buildings she organises with her girls (our restaurants know it very well).

Rules, maps, catalogues, Beach Cards, Fitness Cards, Fidelity Cards, Leading Cards, train paths, excursions and trips, experiences, online shop, gadgets: what else should we add? There is something more: the tourist fairs, events in which Francesca travels across Europe together with her colleagues to bring the name of Union Lido around the world through her overwhelming enthusiasm.

If you want to know something more about her, here you are: she has a degree in Tourism Economics, she loves Basketball – that’s her greatest passion – and adores her little Serena who, if you don’t know her, we can guarantee: she has already inherited great communication skills and naughty eyes!

“Working with people is a part of me, I can’t get enough of personal relationships. Passing on my enthusiasm to all my new colleagues and making them shine in what they do is what I consider the most exciting challenge of my job.”