Edipo Re is the name of a historic motor sailing boat. As you sail along the Venetial lagoon, you will find out about the history of the boat, where several artists, intellectuals and personalities from the Italian 20th Century, such as Pasolini and Maria Callas, travelled and left a memory behind.
As the sun sets on the horizon and turns the basin of San Marco into a glittering canal overlooked by palazzos each turning a shade of gold, you will enjoy wines and produce from local farms, to make a toast to an unforgettable experience which could be painted as a sunset in a glass.
6:40 pm welcome – 9:30 am return to the moorings

Tour offered every Friday 
Minimum 6 people maximum 12 people
Price per person €120


To book your experience or get more information send an email to ufficio.informazioni@unionlido.com or ask to the Info Point.

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