Edipo Re is the name of a historic motor sailing boat. As you sail along the Venetian lagoon, you will find out about the history of the boat, where several artists, intellectuals and personalities from the Italian 20th Century, such as Pasolini and Maria Callas, travelled and left a memory behind.
Along the route towards Pellestrina island, we will stop off where the lagoon meets the Adriatic sea and spend a little time fishing or practising snorkelling to explore the secrets of the seabed and find out all the life that thrives there.
Celeste will prepare some typical recipes from the lagoon, food and wine from traditional products sourced from organic farms, and then sail back to Pellestrina.
On the island of fishermen, bobbin lace and multi-coloured houses and boats, you will discover a small world where people still live like they did once upon a time, at a slow pace and according to the eternal rite of “gossiping”.
We set sail at 10 am. Return to the moorings by 8 pm.

Tour offered every Tuesday
Minimum 6 people maximum 12 people
Price per person €135


To book your experience or get more information send an email to ufficio.informazioni@unionlido.com or ask to the Info Point.

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