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The 5 stars of Union Lido!

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Sun, sea, Union Lido, what a summer is waiting for us! An even more astonishing season, relying on our five stars. This year we decided to give them a name, are you ready for a plushy holiday?



Get more SPACE!

We have learned something new: the sense of space. A completely different concept of measures and movement than before. The space in Union Lido has never been so large, expanses of grass, the sea and a never-ending beach.

Space is the first of our five stars.



Get more CARE!

Just worry about having fun! We will take care of the rest, paying even more care and attention. Ready to see Union Lido shine?


Care is the second of our five stars.



Get more FUUUN!
A new kind of animation, different, always super creative and in complete safety.

Our entertainers are ready to make you dance and have fun in a new, wondrous season at Union Lido.


Fun is the third of our five stars.



Get more TASTE!
A super news will mark the summer 2020: Camping Chef, the new Union Lido service that allows you to order the dishes you love from your favourite restaurants and receive them at your pitch or wherever you prefer!


Taste is the fourth of our five stars.



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Environmental Sustainability

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