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Neighbourhood Map

The map is a simplified plan of the Family Home Lido neighbourhood, where unit number 58 is located, which has its own tactile map and directory. The map is meant to be used together with the Union Lido Camping directory, which contains detailed descriptions of locations and facilities, as well as accurate instructions for orientation.
Conventional Symbols
• Solid lines represent roads.
• Dotted lines represent pedestrian paths.
• The solid, raised semicircular surface is the Amphitheater.
• The solid, raised star-shaped surface is the water tank.
• The diagonally striped surface represents the Aqua Park Marino.
• The dotted surface represents the accessible beach.
• The cross marks unit number 58.
• Ribbed rectangles are other housing units.
• The dot represents a public bathroom.
• Irregular closed shapes are ponds.
• Large-print letters inside polygons are services of interest, namely:
– “R” is the “Marino” restaurant;
– “W” is the Wellness centre & SPA;
  – “B” is is the bike rental;
  – “L” is is the launderette;
  – “Z” is is Camping Bazar Torre;
  – “M” is the market.
  – “P” is the bakery.
All text is in large-print and Braille.
Exploring the neighbourhood
Place the map vertically with the cut corner to the top right. In the upper left corner, you will find the inscription “Mappa del quartiere” (Italian for “Map of the neighbourhood”). Just below it, on the left, there are several symbols: from top to bottom, a cross, a “P” inside a square, and a sort of four-pointed star in relief. This is a partial legend: to the right of the symbols, you will find what they represent in large-print and braille, and a little further to the right, in a second column, you will find two more symbols and their definitions (market and pond).
Immediately below begins the actual map. Scan it with both hands, moving down from the legend and crossing a dotted surface: you will find a series of symbols and words divided by some lines intersecting at right angles. These are the roads, along which we will move to read the map.
Start from the bottom edge of the sheet and find a vertical line about two-thirds from the left. This is Via Trento: follow it upwards, and you will feel that it intersects first with a horizontal line, then another. The first is Via Napoli, while the second is Via Venezia (you will find the name of this latter above the line, on the right side of the sheet).
Between these two streets are a number of services, which you can identify by moving between the horizontal lines from right to left: the bakery (letter “P” inside a square), a public bathroom (the dot), the market (letter “M”), all to the right of Via Trento. Cross it and you will find, in order, Camping Bazar Torre (letter “Z”), the tank tower (the solid raised star), a launderette (letter “L”), some buildings of the Camping Home Espace area (a ribbed square), a bike rental (letter “B”), and the irregular shape of the pond.
Move your hands further up, beyond Via Venezia, and you will feel several ribbed rectangles arranged at various angles, divided by two vertical avenues. This is the area of the Family Home Lido neighbourhood, and in the upper right corner of the rightmost portion (just before the surface with the “Via Venezia” inscription), you will find the small cross marking unit number 58, for which a map and directory are also available.
Both vertical streets carving up the neighbourhood meet another horizontal one, just above. This is Via Roma: you will find its name on the left past the neighbourhood houses, almost halfway down the sheet. To the right of the inscription, you may find some symbols: first, a polygon with the letters “R” and “W,” respectively, the “Marino” restaurant and the Wellness Centre & SPA.
Continue following Via Roma to the right, and below the polygon, you will encounter the irregular shape of another small pond; then you will pass a vertical street and, surrounded by two more small pools, you will find the semicircular relief surface of the amphitheater. Moving your fingers upward from here, you will first find a dotted line and then a diagonally striped surface. The latter is the surface of the Aqua Park Marino, whereas the dotted line is a pedestrian path that reconnects, to the right, to another vertical street: this is the continuation of Via Trento (cross it to the right at the height of the walkway, and you will find the inscription).
Now, follow it upwards, and you will feel that it intersects another street perpendicular to it. It is Via Padova, whose name you may find slightly up and to the right of the line. Continue upwards, reaching another horizontal line and then a dotted surface. These are, respectively, the seafront promenade and the accessible beach: we have finally reached the sea.




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