Do you want to reconfirm your union, make a wedding proposal to your beloved one or join together in marriage?
We personalize one of the most beautiful days of your life with creativity and originality. The colours, the emotions, the scents and flavors we offer will captivate you and remain forever in your mind and heart, as well as in anyone who will share this magic moment with you.
Two locations to choose from: our Church for the religious wedding, the beach for the civil one.

Three available offers:
1) ROSA: We will take care of the preparation for your location
2) ORCHIDEA: We will prepare the location, take care of the catering service and of your or your guests lodgings, not to mention the contract with the religious or civil authority in charge of officiating the wedding.
3) PEONIA All-inclusive, entrust us the entire planning of your wedding!

For all the necessary information you can write to
We will be glad to be a part of your “…perfect day!”

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