Our second home

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64 years have passed since the first time that my husband and I, with the opening of the NSU campsite in 1955, spent our holidays in Italy.

The campsite already offered a lot of services; but certainly nothing compared to current standards.

The whole territory, the beach and the NSU campsite itself, looked profoundly different from what they are now. For example, there was no electricity for the tents, but candles were lit in the evening; and if anyone needed to go to the toilet, they needed a flashlight. Some campers used car-battery energy, with the result that when they had to leave for the return home, the battery was completely empty.

However, all of this for us was “love at first sight”. 64 years have passed since our first time at the NSU Union Lido campsite and we have still never missed a single season!!!! Even our parents, our children and grandchildren are spending their holidays every year in the wonderful 5-star Union Lido.

We started with a small borrowed tent, then we bought one. After a few years, we bought the first “Knaus-Südwind” caravan and later a “Weipert” caravan, of course a little larger and equipped with shower and toilet. The latest purchase was a large cedar wood “Weipert (Schwarzwaldhaus)” caravan, which is still our pride today.

Our family, as well as many of our friends and acquaintances feel comfortable in this place. Since we retired, my husband and I spend 4 months at Union Lido every summer and this place is truly a second home for us.

But these are not the only reasons why we love this campsite so much. In addition to the well-kept beach, the sea, the climate and the good Italian cuisine, we also love it for the people who live in this place who through their ideas, their hard work and sense of hospitality, have permitted this place to develop so much. Over the years we have been able to see and experience the growth and prosperity of the campsite and of the area and we are grateful for this.

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It is always a pleasure for us to be here, together with many friends and acquaintances from all over the world and, of course, with our Italian friends and the Union Lido team. For all these reasons we wish to express our thanks for the loving hospitality that we have always received in all these years.

Thank you so much!!!