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Italian Trattoria, Pizzeria Gourmet

At Ristorante Carpaccio, at the entrance to the Resort, Chef offers cuisine inspired by a rediscovery of culinary culture of various Italian regions ..
Guests have a vast and exciting choice: homemade egg pasta, risotto , carpaccio,  meat and fish cooked in pink, blue, red or black natural salt, a tasty ham corner and a selection of olive oils from Tuscany, Liguria, Sicily.
Enjoy the best of the dolce vita.
Carpaccio is also a pizzeria with a wood burning oven, where the pizza is made using only 100% Italian stone milled flour, sourdough yeast , a slow rising process, San Marzano tomatoes, fiordilatte and buffalo mozzarella.
You can also enjoy unpasteurised artisan beers, natural drinks like cola, fizzy orange and juices with no colours or preservatives, as well as other selected Slow Food products that can be purchased directly.


Tel. +39 041 8503030

Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido has always worked in the name of environmental sustainability committing to saving natural resources and to reducing waste without penalizing our exceptional Guest service.

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