Where can I find an area especially for dogs?

The area to the west of the campsite. There are 200 pitches.

Can I book a pitch?

Yes, all pitches can be booked and our booking office will bear your preference in mind and try to grant your request, but the precise number of the pitch will be given to you on arrival.

If I am not travelling with a dog, can I book a pitch in the Dog Camp?

No, pitches are reserved for guests with dogs. However, if there are no more pitches available elsewhere, our staff at Guest Services will be happy to assign you a pitch in the Dog Camp on arrival.

If I don’t have a caravan, camper van or tent, can I book an accommodation unit?

Yes, The Wild tents, Mobile Home Dog Lounge, Mobile Home Dog Standard, Speedy Villas and Speedy Cottages can be booked by guests with dogs.

Can I go where I want with my dog?

No, dogs are only allowed in the areas shown on the map. A Dog Sitting is available for your dog if you want to visit other areas of the Resort.

Can I take my dog to the restaurant?

Yes, at the Carpaccio, Ca’ Rustica and Alla Fattoria restaurants. Reach the restaurant by following the route shown on the map.

Is there a bar in the Dog Camp?

Yes, the new Dog Bar has an amazing selection and a highly original look!

Is there a first aid service for dogs?

Yes, Union Lido has an agreement with the Jesolo Vet Clinic, run by Dr. Renzo Tasinato. Someone from the clinic will be on the campsite and you can request operations for dogs, with special transport.

Is there an entertainment programme for dogs?

Yes, we are planning a series of events and programmes of all kinds that will make your holidays even more enjoyable for your four-legged friends.

Can I bring my dog to the beach?

Yes, opposite the Dog Camp there is an area of beach and sea reserved specially for guests with dogs.

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