The Animation Team offers a varied, energetic and exciting daily schedule including sport, fitness and entertainment.

Every day, sports lovers can play football, beach volleyball and archery.
Every afternoon a different tournament is organised where water polo, swimming, bowling and basketball are added to the other activities.

There is a focus on sport with lots of participants in summer: beach volleyball.
The two-day marathon will be enhanced by the presence of four A1 players who, as well as showing off in a spectacular 2 against 2 game, will play with the Union Lido guest teams. There will be two events with night-time tournaments.

There are also very important large sports events such as:
Night Run
Swim Day

Fun and competition are guaranteed for all sports lovers.

The fitness program offered by the animation team is ideal for anyone wanting to get in shape.
At the Energy Point, located inside Aqua Park Laguna, activities will take place such as:
Stretching, Pilates, Aquapower, Zumba, Functional training, Jumping* and Hydro Bike*.
Our instructors look after all the guests, making sure they offer lessons suitable for all levels, from occasional participants to regulars.
Events entirely dedicated to the world of fitness are organised over the season, where the most active guests can take part in the Zumba Congress, the Fitness Day and, during Laguna by Night, water fitness activities.

After an activity-filled day, the icing on the cake comes in the evening! The animation team will entertain our guests with comedy shows, variety shows with exciting international features and, on Saturday evenings, will put on carefully choreographed musicals with theatre-level costumes and sets. There will also be no lack of theme parties on the beach where music and dressing up will ensure guests take home unforgettable memories!

Frequent questions

They are posted on the bulletin boards along the streets, at the info and Animation Office, on the Union Lido website.

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