Cavallino Sport Center Soccer and Five-a-side Football

Among the numerous activities that can be practiced in the green-surrounded Cavallino Sport Center, Soccer couldn’t obviously be left out. For those who prefer the classic 11-vs-11 player game, a regular soccer field with grassy ground, which is maintained in optimal condition at all times, is available; for a more dynamic type of game, a five-a-side football soccer field with synthetic grass ground is located in the tennis area, and is also equipped with floodlights, for challenging night games.

Soccer field with grassy ground
2 hours 11-player field € 90,00
2 hours 11-player field with floodlights € 100,00

Five-a-side Football field with synthetic grass ground
1 hour 5-a-side football field € 50,00
1 hour 5-a-side football field with floodlights € 60,00


Opening times: 8:00/23:00

Information and signups at the Tennis Cavallino Sport Center
Tel: +39 041968134 cell. +39 3398171057


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