Gym and fitness trail

Guests can choose to take part in a number of pleasant physical activities while breathing in the sea air with its rich sodium chloride and iodide content and the oxygen and fragrances from the lush vegetation in the park. The water in the sea is kept under constant supervision and the use of motorboats is banned.
There are various areas that are appropriately equipped for a range of sporting activities: the swimming pool, the sea, the park, the Sport Center and the Sala Lido.
They all provide support facilities for the fitness programme activities, during which expert staff will accompany the participants.
The equipment in the Sala Lido includes running machines, weights and exercise bikes.
There is a fitness trail in a 4-hectare natural park and a 6-hectare conservation area on the seafront with jogging routes.


Fitness Member Card
The owner of the Fitness Members Card has the opportunity to take part in a number of pleasant physical activities, as Stretching, Morning Gymnastic, Aquagym, Step, Gag and Pump, Beach Walking. It also includes the Hydrobike courses held at the Aqua Park Laguna.

A team of qualified workers, who will follow the guests with professional attitude, attention and helpfulness, will direct all activities.

The Fitness Member Card gives the right to participate to the following activities: Stretching and Morning Gymnastic, Water Gymnastic, Step, Gag and Pump, Beach Walking and Hydrobike:


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