Cavallino Sport Center
Manolo Horse Riding Club

At the Cavallino Sport Center, the riding center is open all year long, offering riding lessons with instructors for both children and grownups.
Gentle ponies are at disposal for our younger guests who may want to approach for the first time to these amazing animals. It is also possible to be accompanied by the instructor on a guided excursion to Cavallino’s countryside.
A boarding house service for horses is also available.

Prices pro person 2019:
½ Hour Lesson € 15,00
1 Hour Lesson € 25,00
Subscription 5 Lessons € 115,00
Subscription 10 Lessons € 220,00

Furthermore, funny riding rounds on ponies for the children, and fascinating horse riding strolls outside the city’s center.
For information and booking, contact the Cavallino Sport Center Riding Center directly, or  cell. +39 349 2424955

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