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There is much to offer when it comes to physical activity on the site.
With Sport Activity Card  you can take part in everything: stretching and aerobics on the beach, anaerobics, wateraerobic, fitness training and step – all with qualified fitness trainers. Union Lido also has a trim park and you can walk or jog everywhere!

To keep in line with the tradition and the trends of modern tourism, Union Lido now wishes to offer an even better possibility of enjoying an excellent holiday. Our site location, equipment, initiatives and services all offer the holidaymaker Rest – Culture – Good Health.

These three things, which contribute to having an enjoyable holiday are the aims of our keep-fit programme.

The Union Lido keep-fit programme proposes an “active” rest by rediscovering body culture in order to attain good health and physical fitness.

A person’s well-being and good health are due to three fundamental factors: Environment – Nourishment – Physical Activity.

We have lots of pleasurable activities to offer in our new fitness programme, in an environment where you breathe the salt-iodic air of the sea, supplemented by the fragrance and the oxygen of the Park’s special vegetation.
The sea water is constantly checked, and motorboats are not allowed on and in front of the beach.

Supporting the programme are a series of well-equipped areas for practising the various sporting activities, such as the swimming pool, the sea, the park, Sala Lido and the Sport Center to which operators will accompany the holidaymaker taking part in the keep-fit activities.

And, in addiction, the Marino Wellness&SPA: an exclusive club inside the resort, 9 different baths where you can let the delicate bubbles and the water jets gently massage you, let yourselves be caressed by the salt and the marine algae, abandon yourselves to the warmth of the sunshine with a view over the green pine tree tops and the blue of the sea.

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