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An exclusive club inside the resort, 9 different baths where you can let the delicate bubbles and the water jets gently massage you, let yourselves be caressed by the salt and the marine algae, abandon yourselves to the warmth of the sunshine with a view over the green pine tree tops and the blue of the sea.


ALGA MARINA with dissolved Algae
Temperature: 34° C
Saltiness: 90 kg/mc
Maximum stay: 5 min.
CLAMYS – Ipersalina 1
Temperature: 34° C
Saltiness: 90 kg/mc
Maximum stay: 5 min.

ACTEON – Ipersalina 2
Temperature: 32° C
Saltiness: 60 kg/mc
Maximum stay: 8 min.
ASTREA – Ipersalina 3
Temperature: 30° C
Saltiness: 30 kg/mc
Maximum stay: 10 min.
Temperature: 28° C
Saltiness: 30 kg/mc
Maximum stay: 10 min.
Temperature: 28° C
Saltiness: 30 kg/mc
Maximum stay: 15 min.
3 pressure Jacuzzi
Cold waterfall
Temperature: 15 – 40° C
Maximum stay : 10 rounds

The temperature of the traditional sauna ranges from 80-90°C with the humidity level at 25-30%. The high temperature acts as a thermal stimulator on your body giving a revitalising feeling all over.
It should be used for approximately 8-10 minutes, in a sitting position with completely dry skin, followed by an ice cold shower and adequate hydration.

Cold fog is obtained by mixing cold water and air. By pressing one of the buttons you can enjoy a cold fog (cold water and air) and blue chromo-therapy that will give you a great sensation of freshness and youth.
Otherwise you can relax under a tropical rain (warm water and natural exotic fragrances) combined with orange chromo-therapy for a real tropical sensation.

The temperature inside this cabin is 45–48°C with 100% of humidity.
Enter and stay seated: the time required for the treatment is 15–20 minutes.
The temperature and humidity produced by steam enhances and improves the balance of your pH values, keeping your skin moist and clean.
Breathe deeply. Steam is scented with aromatic substances and is especially indicated to improve breathing functions and is greatly benefi cial to your health.
The cabin is equipped with a  cold water fountain for cooling your skin or your thirst.

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