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Private bathrooms

Private bathrooms, the comforts of home in the campsite! For those who prefer dedicated services, Union Lido offers private bathrooms for the entire length of the stay.

The 34 private bathrooms are located by the public toilets n. 7, 8 and 15 (see camping’s map). The private bathroom’s number and the ID bracelet to open it, will be assigned at check-in. Bathrooms are available from 3pm on check-in day until 11am on check-out day. Late check-out for private bathrooms is not available.

For more information:


Private bathrooms W7, W8


Private bathrooms W15

Frequent questions

How can I book a private bathroom?

By booking a pitch from our website you can add the reservation of 1 private bathroom.
The private bathrooms are located at sanitary blocks 7, 8 and W15.

Where are the private bathrooms?

At the sanitary blocks n. 7, 8 and 15.

How can I enter the private bathroom?

You can open the door with the ID bracelet received at the check-in.

How long can I keep the private bathroom?

The private bathroom is available from 3pm on check-in day until 11am on check-out day.

Is late check-out possible?

No, the check-out time can’t be changed.


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