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Sanitary services at Union Lido

13 sanitary services, all well-equipped and within easy reach from the pitches, are distributed across the Union Lido area.

They all have a service for the disabled and most feature a baby-room or a nursery.
The facilities feature hot water, which in part is produced by solar power, and respect the environment.

The facilities are kept in pristine condition and have paper, soap and towels.

The installations for hot water are decentralised and part of the production is provided by solar power facilities. The pressure of the water is constant at 4 atmosphere and is guaranteed by a water reserve located in the designated aqueduct 50 metres high.

The sanitary facilities for campers are opened and closed based on the number of campers on site, and this decision is entirely up to Management. The opening and closing dates of every sanitary facility are indicated in each sanitary service.
Guests are kindly asked to read such information, based on the choice of their pitch.

Opening time 2020:
Sanitary service 1: 20/05 – 28/09
Sanitary service 2: 20/05 – 28/09
Sanitary service 3: 20/05 – 28/09
Sanitary service 6: from 13/06
Sanitary service 7: Date to be defined
Sanitary service 8: Date to be defined
Sanitary service 9: from 13/06
Sanitary service W10: from 13/06
Sanitary service 12: from 12/08
Sanitary service 13: 26/07 – 30/08
Sanitary service W15: Date to be defined
Sanitary service 16: 20/05 – 28/09
Sanitary service 18: 26/07 – 31/08
Toilette Cavana: Date to be defined
Toilette Aqua Park Marino: Date to be defined
Toilette Spiaggia: Date to be defined

These dates are not definitive and they may be change during the season.

Frequent questions

How can I book a private bathroom?

By booking a pitch from our website you can add the reservation of 1 private bathroom.
The private bathrooms are located at sanitary blocks 7, 8 and 15.

Where are the private bathrooms?

At the sanitary blocks n. 7, 8 and 15.

Where can I wash and dry my laundry?

In all the sanitary blocks, except for blocks n. 2 and 4.

Can I empty the chemical toilet in all the sanitary blocks?

Yes, except for blocks n. 2 and 4.

Where can I find an ice dispenser?

In sanitary blocks W8, W15, W16 and W18.

Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido has always worked in the name of environmental sustainability committing to saving natural resources and to reducing waste without penalizing our exceptional Guest service.

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