Union Lido offers its guests tourist amenities that are family-friendly, catering to the needs of children, the elderly, the disabled or those with special needs, and even holidaymakers in search of an ethical holiday.
A facility that is accessible to everyone!

Various types of facilities are fully accessible: 
• 4 Mobile Homes Espace
• 4 Bungalows Lido
• 4 Camping Homes Patio
• 12 Camping Homes Roof
• 2 Camping Home Living
• 4 double rooms at the Art&Park Hotel

Guests also have access to a host of easy-to-use services, including:
• 2 supermarkets selling products specifically for Celiacs or people suffering from food intolerances
• 8 restaurants with specific menus available
• 2 Aqua Parks
• wellness areas
• toilet and shower blocks with accessible areas and areas dedicated to children
• a sports centre
• a multi-purpose court to play basketball, tennis, five-a-side and for skating

The beach is accessible from several paved and fully-equipped points for the passage of wheelchairs and pushchairs.

For some years now, Union Lido, a partner of Village for All which is an Italian network that groups together accessible camp sites and tourist resorts, has devised a series of activities which grant constant and concrete accessibility, providing the utmost ease of use of both accommodation and sporting facilities.

For more information about Village for All, visit:


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