Mauro Spunton, class of ’76, loves to define himself as a “friendly accountant”. In fact, when he had his first interview as an entertainer, when asked the question: “What did you study?”, he answered:  “accountancy”, to which the interviewer responded: “and why do you want to become an entertainer?” Anyone else would have instantly felt disheartened, but not Mauro, who promptly replied: “Why, don’t friendly accountants exist?” His career began specifically with that sentence and anyone who knows him can vouch not just for his friendliness but also for his contagious enthusiasm, his unique friendliness, his ability to involve anyone in a world of lightness and fun. In his twenty-year career, he has travelled all over the world, but he has no doubt whatsoever, Union Lido is definitely the most amusing holiday destination, the place that has allowed him best to express his creativity. It is not surprising that he is head of the resort entertainment!


What made you fall in love with Union Lido? 

Its ‘model’.


What do you mean by that?

A unique mood, where guests play the starring role. As regards the entertainment, for instance, we start off with respecting, and then work our way towards involving our guests. We are forbidden from being pushy; anyone can choose whether to participate or not in the entertainment activities, but should they decide to join in, they’ll discover we are their allies and that they will be followed in the best possible way, and involved in a thousand enjoyable adventures.

This ‘model’ is all about quality, because any event whatsoever needs to be truly special and organised in the best way possible. We always try to impress our guests with something ‘singular’ that will remain impressed in their memories like a magical moment, something that can’t be found in other holiday resorts.


Such as? 

A tribute to Michael Jackson. Union Lido decided to pay this tribute by inviting Sergio Cortez who dedicated one of the legs of his world tour specifically to us (see page…).

And I’m not just talking about performances, but also events such as the ‘Bio Color Run, a two-kilometre race for all, packed with colour, which is held all over Europe, but the way it takes place at Union is unrivalled; I for example have never seen anything like it elsewhere. No competitiveness but only the desire to have fun all together: children, adults, expecting mothers or new mums, disabled users in wheelchairs and the elderly. A truly endless party, as testified by the myriad photos and videos guests have sent in: a river of happy people…

Last year, we held the Olympics: two weeks during which there were Olympic disciplines every day, with all the traditional medals updated on the Internet in real-time too, where Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia and all the nations present faced one another with the amazing support of the audience and a real sense of sportsmanship. Thousands of people were involved.


What has your greatest satisfaction been? 

When guests at the end of their holiday says thank you before they leave. Because those two little words mean everything. I don’t care if they say I’m good or that the performance was a success. Hearing thank you is much more than that, it means I managed to give something to someone, and that is priceless!


Your dream?

I’m living it. I love my job, I immensely enjoy entertaining people and having fun in the midst of people. And continuing to do so is a truly special dream come true. Could there be anything better?

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