Leading Card

Leading Card is the “advantage card” for the guests of all “Leading Camping” campsites in Europe. Card holders have access to the “Leading Club”, to all the benefits valid in the Leading campsites and can make use of a series of privileges, collect points and win great prizes.
To keep up to date on current offers, on the number of points reached and receive a lot of interesting information, club members can consult the reserved area of the website www.leadingcampings.com, by entering the personal card number and choosing a password. To start collecting points, you must register in the reserved area.
You can buy a Leading Card in all Leading campsites at the cost of € 10.00.

The advantages of LeadingClub:
–    Late check-out from the campsite, which means departure possible within 8 p.m. for the bookable pitches (marked with the letter R) in season I (if these have not been booked afterward); for the non-bookable pitches, in seasons I and II. This advantage does not include accommodation (Lodging) and Tour Operator.

–    Courtesy priority desk at the Info Point in the pedestrian area.
Leading Card can be purchased at the Info Point in the pedestrian area, where you can get all the information about collecting points and the different advantages. To collect the prizes connected with the points collection, you need to register online in the reserved area.

Points calculation:
when you check out, for every euro calculated on the total amount of your receipt, 10 points are gained for a stay on a pitch and 2,5 points are gained for a stay in an accommodation (Lodging) Amounts related to the payment of seasonal pitches are excluded.
The points automatically drop to zero three years after the activation.



LeadingWeek is one of the ideas in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of LeadingCampings.
During the LeadingWeek, every LeadingCamping is providing a discount of 25% on person’s tariff and pitch fee for all LeadingCard holders.

How can I get the discount in the LeadingWeek?

If you don’t have a LeadingCard yet: you can get it at the check-in at all campsites for 10,00 €.
Every campsite has an individual week for the reduction.


LeadingCard 2019 prizes for bonus points at Union Lido:
3,000  points → 1 entry to W10 Leisure Building (2 hours)            
6,500  points → 1 beach umbrella + 2 sun loungers on the beach (1 day), in season I, II and III only, up to availability  
10,000  points → new 2019: 1 weekly Fitness Arena Member or        
10,000 points → 1 Wi-Fi Business profile for 24 hours          
15,000 points → 1 night (pitch + 2 people) in season I and II on a Cavallino or Venezia pitch  (= bookable and not-bookable) or on a Lido or Max pitch with a minimum stay of 7 nights
30,000 points → 1 night (pitch + 2 peolple) in season III and IV on a Cavallino or Fido or Venezia or Lido or Max with a minimum stay of 7 nights
40,000 points → new 2019: 1 Gourmet dinner for 2 people in one of the Union Lido restaurants (available on limited number)
60,000 points → 1 Camping Home on free-choice or 1 Dog Lounge at Dog Camp in season I for 5 nights (till 4 people included) up to availability
60,000 points → New 2019: 3 nights (pitch + 2 people) Leading pitch in season I, up to availability
All the prizes are subject to availability and variations.


The Leading Card has been enhanced with additional benefits!
Come and visit us from April 12th until May18th and from September 21st until September 30th 2019, 1 pitch Venezia, 2 persons at € 18,90 per night (all included, except Tourist tax) for a minimum stay of 2 nights.
Don’t forget the other affordable Union Lido offers, such as Special Spring and Special Autumn for the Lodging and Special Camping Silver & Gold for the pitches.












UNION LIDO offers a discount of 25% on person’s tariff and pitch fee for all LeadingCard holders form May 4th to May 11th 2019.
Visit us and discover the Union Lido World and don’t forget our special offers:

You find further information on the raffle and bit by bit further LeadingWeek dates here:

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