Union Lido works from time immemorial in order to respect the environment and to save the natural resources applying itself to reduce waste, without penalizing, although implementing the level of the service offered to the Guests.


What does Union Lido do?
Every morning the beach is thoroughly cleaned to guarantee a high degree of safety and hygiene for children that play on the beach and the shore during their stay.
The lifeguards on the beach insure safety whilst the guests are in the sea or relaxing.  The sand dunes at the top of the beach, have been created to help the rare plants grow where the typical flora and fauna are settled.

How can the guests help us?
The guests are kindly asked to help keep the beach clean and to use the appropriate bins for their rubbish and cigarette butts and also to keep a watchful eye on their children so as to avoid the digging of large holes near the showers on the beach and most of all that the water is not used for playing.
Everyone is asked to pay attention to the life guards who are there for your safety, they are always in contact via radio with the campsite management in the case of an emergency.
On the beach and in the dunes open fires are forbidden.


What does Union Lido do?
For years Union Lido has been working hard for the environmental policy that is still supports.  The management of the environment prescribes the planning, programming, realization, the verification and examination of how to run a company from an environmental point of view.

Union Lido’s Aims

Nature Aim
 All our guests can read the illustrated information leaflet complete with detailed descriptions of the various natural elements you can see or appreciate during your stay here at Union Lido, not to mention the useful advice given to live in harmony with nature.

Environmental Communication Aim
There are informative notice boards all over the campsite complete with advice that Union Lido asks it’s guests to follow so as to help with our aims.  They describe how to go about separating rubbish, how to use and not waste the natural resources we have such as water, electrical energy and most of all; how to respect nature.

To save more water we have installed special adapters that reduce the wasting of water on all the taps, the flushes on all WC’s have a limited flush, the showers on the beach and at the pool all have timers on them and the flower beds and irrigation system work on a droplet method.
Guests can help us by taking quick showers and by not leaving taps on for no reason, making sure that children to not use water from the showers in the toilet blocks, on the beach or in the pool when playing.
The sea water is at the complete disposal of everyone to play with.
For the Chemical WC’s there are a range of biodegradable products on the campsite: only the appropriate WC’s located are to be used when emptying the Chemical WC’s.  They are located with the sign WC Kimik.  Nearly all detergents contain phosphates that are harmful to the environment so we ask you to kindly purchase products without these additives; you can find them in the campsite shops.

When outside the campsite we advise you to use public transport whereas inside the campsite you can use the ECOBUS, which is our electrical energy saving bus that is at the disposal of all guests on a certain schedule.

To reduce noise Union Lido makes an effort to use electrical vehicles and the use of vehicles during afternoon and night rest times is forbidden.  We also have speed limits.
We suggest that vehicles are not left with the motor running for no reason, that dishes are not washed during rest times and that glass bottles are deposed of during the scheduled times as written on the large recycling containers.

To save even more energy Union Lido has installed solar panels to warm up the water.  What is more energy saving light bulbs are used with a timer.  We kindly ask you to turn lights off when ever they are not needed and to use hot water moderately.

Natural pesticides
Mosquitoes are a problem of the seaside resort. To help against mosquitoes Union Lido has put 'gambuse' that feed off the larvae into all the ponds.  In the Park birds nests have been constructed to attract insect eating birds to nest there; like the Kentish Plover and the Little Tern. The fight against mosquitoes is helped by anti-larvae spray treatments that we use, all containing natural ingredients.
Guests can use candles scented with geranium or citron whereas for the ants we kindly ask you to use the traps or the Eco-friendly products that are sold at reception.


What does Union Lido do?
We guarantee 24 hour safety for all our guests.
SOS telephones have been installed in strategic points all over the campsite and they are directly connected to the staff on duty. There are hydrants and fire extinguishers all over the site and we also have our own fire engine with trained staff in the case of emergency; the emergency exits are indicated on the maps and on the signs.

How can the guests help us?
It is advisable to find out for yourselves how the hydrants work and on arrival to establish the nearest SOS point  to your pitch; it is also essential that children do NOT play games with the SOS phones, the hydrants or the extinguishers.

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