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It's official! From May 15th borders are open in Italy! The Italian Green Pass allows European travellers to reach Union Lido without any quarantine obligation.
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The first themed campsite in Europe

No longer one Union Lido, but the combination of many unforgettable experiences for everyone!


CampingChef by Joy Delivery

Make your holiday comfortable and tasty: you can enjoy your favourite food directly in your pitch or housing unit in just four steps.

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“Union Lido has many souls: a fun and energetic one, a wild one, one all about nature and relax…and last but not least the Art&Park Hotel soul, where art and luxury come together to create the perfect holiday. And who better than our Andrea could be the COO of this important part of Union Lido?”


Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido has always worked in the name of environmental sustainability committing to saving natural resources and to reducing waste without penalizing our exceptional Guest service.

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