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Covid-19 Info

These dispositions are valid from June 1st.

Is there an animation service?
Sure. The animation service is guaranteed for the entire opening period of the campsite.

What are the accessing methods of the activities?
All entertainment activities are preferably accessible by reservation and can have a limited number of participants, in order to guarantee distance and safety, both for guests and operators.

What activities are possible?
All activities that allow adequate spacing are possible. Mini club with workshops, fitness activities, individual sports, and evening entertainment.

Are all the offices of the holiday centre regularly open?
Every office has a dedicated opening schedule. Here you will find the timetable calendar and all the information.

Is the guest’s body temperature measured upon arrival?
No. There is no measurement of the guests’ body temperature upon arrival, even if the operator would be entitled to do so, preventing access if the detected temperature is over 37.5°.

Is self-check-in available?
Yes, we are experiencing the self-check-in. If interested, you can request more information from our staff.

Do I have to observe special rules when inside the campsite?
The anti-COVID defence strategy is based on three simple, fundamental principles: 1) personal use of face masks; 2) personal hygiene; 3) respecting the distance of at least one meter. At the check-in, all guests will receive an anti-COVID information booklet.

Is body temperature measurement expected for the employees?
Yes. The body temperature measurement is mandatory for employees and suppliers every time they enter the campsite.

Have you implemented new payment methods at check-out?

Yes, we have planned an increase of the payment stations to prevent guests from waiting. Even anti-droplet barriers and the preference for electronic payments are methods to prevent contacts.

Is self-check-out available?
Yes, we are testing the self-check-out. If interested, you can ask our staff for information.

Wellness Spa

Is it possible to have massages and beauty treatments at the Marino Wellness&SPA?

Of course, the masseurs and beauticians are happy to welcome you by using the appropriate protections and ensuring the sanitization of the spaces after each session.
At the moment, the Turkish bath and sauna are not usable.

Spray Park

Do I have to wear a face mask during the holiday?
Guests must use the face mask when they are indoors or outside the delimited pitch/housing unit area only when it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter (except those belonging to the same family unit).

Do I have to wear disposable gloves while on vacation?
Union Lido guarantees a wide availability and accessibility to hand hygiene systems with hydro-alcoholic solutions in various locations within the structure, a frequent use of these solutions by guests and staff is suggested. The use of disposable gloves is therefore not mandatory.

Should staff inside the campsite wear a face mask?
The staff is required to use the face mask always when they are with guests and when it is not possible to guarantee interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

We would like to remind all of our Guests that it is necessary to wear a mask inside all closed spaces and whenever the 1-meter safety distance cannot be kept.
Furthermore, we would like to remind you that, due to our new national policies, from 18:00 to 6:00 it is now mandatory to wear a face mask in the open, in all potential gathering areas.
At the beach and in the Aquaparks the safety distance between each guest’s spot must be of at least 1.5 meters.

Do I have to wear a face mask to enter shops and at the supermarket?
Yes, it is mandatory.

Do I have to wear disposable gloves inside the shops and at the supermarket?
In supermarkets, para pharmacies and clothing stores, the use of disposable gloves is mandatory.

Where can I buy hygiene products?
Our supermarkets and para pharmacies have a wide range of hygiene and protection products.


Are there particular rules for using the gym?
Yes. Keeping safety distance is mandatory. The distance must be at least 1 meter while not exercising, at least 2 meters during physical activity (with particular attention to intense physical activity). In locker rooms, the distancing rule is of at least one meter. It is forbidden to share glasses and bottles and to lend towels, bathrobes, or other items with other users. Use dedicated shoes in the gym, provided exclusively for this purpose. All clothing and personal items must be stored inside the personal bag, even if stored in the appropriate lockers; sharing lockers is not allowed and bags can be asked for storing personal belongings.

Is body temperature measured before entering the gym?
No. There is no measurement, even if the operator would be entitled to do so, preventing access if the detected temperature is over 37.5°.

Scout Camp

Is it safe to stay on the camping pitches?
Of course. The width of the pitches (min. 90 m2. Max 250 m2.) Ensures the respect of safety distance; the possibility of living the whole day outdoors and enjoying the sun’s rays is an important factor in fighting infection.

How should I position the caravan?
The open sides (the access side) of the housing units (caravans, campers, tents) must respect a distance of at least three meters from other neighbouring units.

Play Tower

Is it possible and is it safe to swim in the pools?
Yes, the chlorine contained in swimming pools water is constantly monitored (free active chlorine between 1.0-1.5 mg/l; combined chlorine ≤ 0.40 mg/l; pH 6.5-7.5). The crowding density in the pools it is calculated with an index of 7 m2 of water surface per person.

Is it possible to use the solarium and the green areas?
Yes, the crowding density in the solarium and green areas is calculated with an index of no less than 7 m2 of walkable area per person. Equipment (deck chairs, sun loungers) can be positioned by respecting distance indications and using dedicated pathways. The staff sanitizes the equipment at each change of user and/or at the end of the service.

Are there sanitizing products in swimming pools and aqua parks?
Yes, every place is equipped with a dispenser with hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene at the entrance, in the solarium area or in strategic points to encourage hand hygiene. Cleaning hands is mandatory if entering the parks.

How Union Lido staff controls the entrance of people in the Aqua Parks?
The staff is equipped with a people counter APP.


Is body temperature measurement required to access restaurants?
No. There is no measurement of guests’ body temperature, even if the operator would be entitled to do so, preventing access if the detected temperature is over 37.5°.

Do I have to wear a face mask inside the restaurant?
Inside the restaurant, customers are required to wear a face mask whenever they are not seated at the table.

Are there sanitizing products at the entrance of the restaurants?
Yes, hygiene products are available for customers and staff in several points of the room, especially at the entrance and near the toilets.

Is it possible to book a meal?
Yes, reservations are strongly recommended, as there cannot be more customers inside the restaurant than there are seats.

Are takeaways and food delivery available?
Yes, we have developed a specific APP for a complete food delivery experience, which allows you to order the meal from the pitch or the housing unit and paying online. The takeaway is also available, you can find all the information on the Union Lido website.

Do you have restaurants with outdoor tables?
Yes, all our 9 restaurants and 15 bars have outdoor tables with large terraces.

What distance must be between the tables?
The tables must be arranged as to guarantee the interpersonal distancing of at least one meter between the clients, except for people who, according to the current provisions, are not subject to interpersonal distancing; this last aspect pertains to individual responsibility.

Is it possible to eat at the counter?
Eating at the counter is allowed only with an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers, except for people who, according to current provisions, are not subject to interpersonal distancing; this last aspect pertains to individual responsibility.

Is buffet allowed, for example for breakfast?
Buffet is not allowed.

Are cash payments allowed in restaurants and bars?
Yes, it is possible to pay by cash, even if electronic payment is preferred, possibly at the table.

How did you solve the problem related to the menu consultation?
The printed menus have been laminated with pre-use and post-use sanitization, menus are also available online on the mobile phone, or non-returnable paper.

How are toilets to be used and how are they sanitized?
In all the toilets there are dedicated paths to avoid crossings as much as possible. Dispensers with hydroalcoholic solutions for hands hygiene have been positioned in several strategic points, all sanitary fixtures can be used keeping the minimum distances of one meter between each other.
The constant sanitization of frequently touched surfaces and sanitary fixtures carried out by specialized personnel, together with the natural circulation of air, guarantees the safety of users.

Is it possible to swim in the sea?
Of course, a saltwater bath is recommended for its healthy properties on the body, for the natural disinfection of the saline environment and the very high dilution guaranteed by seawater. It should be noticed, that the Cavallino coast has been awarded with the Blue Flag in 2020, a prize for clean seawater and the utmost attention to safety.

What is the distance to be kept between the sun umbrellas in the rental areas?
Each umbrella must have 10 square meters available. We have decided to bring this limit to 15 m2.

What is the distance to be maintained between beach equipment?
Beach equipment (sunbeds, deck chairs) should guarantee a distance of at least 1.5 meters, if not positioned in the sun umbrella place.

Are there sanitizing products in the areas with rental umbrellas?
Sanitizing products are available for guests and staff at multiple locations.

Is it possible to book the beach station?
Yes, our Info Point can give you all the necessary information

Are there special rules in free beach areas?
No, the same rules apply as for areas with rental umbrellas.

Is there a beach steward?
Yes, the beach steward is available for any information on prevention measures.

What is the distance to maintain between my beach equipment and that of the neighbours?
Personal equipment (sunbeds, deck chairs, etc.) must be placed at least two meters away from neighbours.

Is it possible to use the beach cabins?
Yes, one at a time, with protective devices. At each use, an employee provides sanitization.


Can sports be practised?
Yes, all individual sports are guaranteed (tennis, horseback riding, water sports, agility dog, etc.) and can be practised safely.

How are the hotel housing units and rooms sanitized?
Union Lido collaborates with a specialized staff that sanitizes the housing unit/hotel rooms at each guest change with the use of certified cleaning products or other equipment such as the dry steam. Natural air recirculation and periodic replacement of air conditioner filters is also guaranteed.



Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido has always worked in the name of environmental sustainability committing to saving natural resources and to reducing waste without penalizing our exceptional Guest service.

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