Konrad Gruber

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KONRAD GRUBER: Union Lido changes your life.

He came from South Tyrol – therefore spoke perfect German – and decided to move to the Venetian coast in the early 80s to work in campsites as a receptionist. 1984 he worked at Union Lido for the very first time, of course at the reception.

He worked for many summers in Cavallino, while during the winter season he attended the University of Medicine in Innsbruck. 2003 he made his most important decision: he wanted to move permanently to Cavallino-Treporti and work in our campsite, becoming a real Venetian citizen.

What about medicine? Well, isn’t a relaxing holiday at Union Lido the perfect cure for you?

He spent many years working for the reception and later became our Quality Office Manager.

From 2018 Konrad is our Booking Office Manager so… if you’d like to give priority to your booking, here you have his very personal phone number: 33XXX61XX4 ?

36 years have passed since he worked here for the very first time: Konrad himself confirms that Union Lido was for him a summer experience at first, a stable job later, after years a brand-new home and last, but not least, a great life friend like this place is for many of us!