Special Offers

Union Lido always knows what you want.

It is not a set phrase, you can check it right here, with the Union Lido Special Offers. Lots of proposals to make you experience all the beauty of a 5-star camping holiday with great savings.

A cannot miss booklet of special offers for you and your family, convenient prices at the opening and closing of the campsite, unbeatable price lists for your stay at Union Lido or in the splendid rooms of the Art&Park Hotel, or maybe to enjoy a romantic trip in Venice. Not to mention the packages, dedicated to those who want to take advantage of the good things in life.

Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido works from time immemorial in order to respect the environment and to save the natural resources applying itself to reduce waste, without penalizing, although implementing the level of the service offered to the Guests.

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