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Who can describe the Union Lido World better than our guests and employees?

The story of Union Lido begins back in 1955. Discover Union Lido through the memories, emotions and anecdotes of the people who have experienced it first-hand. We collected their stories in this UL Originals’ section, read them and share your memories with us using #uloriginals or write us an e-mail at originals@unionlido.com

Giampietro Guerra

Giampietro’s story at Union Lido is 35 years long. It would be easy to make a list of all the offices in which he worked but it wouldn’t really describe his essence....

Eleonora Nardin

Nel 1992 entra in Ufficio Cassa come Data Entry ed è subito chiaro che non difetta di precisione e accuratezza, caratteristiche fondamentali per l’ufficio...

Andrea Ballarin

Union Lido has many souls: a fun and energetic one, a wild one, one all about nature and relax…and last but not least the Art&Park Hotel soul, where art and luxury come together to create the perfect holiday. And who better than our Andrea could be the COO of this important part of Union Lido?

Elena Enzo

Elena is a veteran in your beloved campsite. 1993 she began working here for the very first time, which means exactly 28 years ago. She started working in the Booking Office and learned much from her “mentors”: Armando Ballarin, Frau Enzo - for those who had the pleasure of meeting her, Ida and Cristina.

Esli Sant

Marica Guerra

Unlike the persons we introduced to you before, Marica’s story at Union Lido has not lasted for so many decades as the others, in fact, she is only 30 years old...

Giuliano Castelli

It is difficult to describe Giuliano in a few lines only, are you sure you want to know his story? Alright, take a break for yourself...

Francesca Ballarin

1996 Francesca started working in your beloved campsite for the very first time, so get ready: this coming summer she will celebrate her first 25 years at Union Lido...

Konrad Gruber

All’inizio degli anni Ottanta, approfittando delle sue origini tirolesi e della conseguente perfetta conoscenza della lingua tedesca, inizia a lavorare nei campeggi del litorale come receptionist e nel 1984 fa la sua prima stagione a Union Lido, ovviamente in reception...

Chiara Bompan

Chiara Bompan, also numbers have a soul. 1980 she began working as an employee in the Union Lido executive office of Padua...

Our second home

64 years have passed since the first time that my husband and I, with the opening of the NSU campsite in 1955, spent our holidays in Italy. The campsite already offered a lot of services...

From Odense to Union Lido by bus

We introduce you the Berentzen family. Claus has been our guest since 1957, he arrived here when he was a young boy thanks to the word of mouth of a mother’s friend and he never stopped spending the summer holidays at Union Lido! ...

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