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What is Fill&Go?

Fill&Go is a new tool thought for the camper who travels freely without the obligation of a reservation and for the guest who has already booked an accommodation by a Tour Operator at Union Lido.

If you are going to stay in a pitch, please fill in the form indicating the expected arrival and departure dates; if you are a guest of a Tour Operator, please indicate the arrival and departure dates of your reservation; in both cases, please insert your data and those of your travel members.

Filling out the Fill&Go form helps us streamline the check-in process, but it’s important to note that it does not provide priority over other guests in line.

Fill…and go!

How does Fill&Go works?

Fill in the form with your data and those of your travel members.

After sending your request you will get a code per email that you have to show at your arrival at our reception.

The dates indicated for your stay in a pitch are not binding: any way you can use the code even if you arrive before or later the estimated period.

Fill&Go replaces the registration form of the data of our Guests for the authority of Public Safety for people staying in accommodating facilities.


Who can fill in the Fill&Go?

Fill&Go is useful for those guests who DON’T have a reservation with Union Lido and want to stay in one of our pitches without commitments and for those who have booked an accommodation by a Tour Operator.

If you have already booked an accommodation or a pitch directly with Union Lido, please fill in your data in the reserved area My UnionLido.

What are the advantages of Fill&Go?

Filling in the Fill&Go you can communicate in advance your data to Union Lido and in this way the check-in will be faster. It will be no more necessary to fill in the form at your arrival day in the campsite.

It is not binding to stay in a pitch, it is not a reservation and you are not obliged to come to Union Lido.

For the not bookable pitches the indicated dates have not to be the effective ones: if you change idea and would like to arrive before or later, you can anyway use the code you will receive per email without filling in a new Fill&Go.



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