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Wild Camp, for those who want to surround themselves with nature!

The choice ranges between the accommodation The Wild,  which consist of 4 separated tents and the brand new The Wild Lodge.

WITHDRAWAL AND BOOKING CANCELLATION (valid for bookings cancelled from 08.02.2021)
Guests must provide written notification of their intention to cancel their booking, making reference to the booking confirmation received.
Cancellation requests must be sent by the person in whose name the booking was made (or, should said person be unable to do so, by a duly authorised person). Guests who cancel their booking are entitled to a refund of their deposit, under the following conditions. If Union Lido receives written notification of cancellation via e-mail (or, alternatively, via fax or registered post or via any means able to guarantee receipt), at least 7 (seven) days prior to the arrival date indicated in the booking confirmation, then it shall fully reimburse the Guest for all amounts paid. Guests who send Union Lido written notification of cancellation in the 6 (six) days prior to the arrival date indicated in the booking confirmation will not be entitled to any refund, with Union Lido reserving the right to retain all of the deposit paid, as a penalty.
In the event of a no-show, if no cancellation request has been received, Union Lido reserves the right to charge the Guest for the full amount of their stay, in addition to retaining the deposit paid, as a penalty.
Union Lido recommends that Guests take out an insurance policy beforehand, covering both camping equipment and risks, with an insurance company of their choice.
In the case of any discrepancies, the Italian version available on the website www.unionlido.com shall prevail.

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Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido has always worked in the name of environmental sustainability committing to saving natural resources and to reducing waste without penalizing our exceptional Guest service.

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