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Environmental Sustainability

Union Lido has always cared about the environment.

As the first ISO 14001 procedure certified company in the late 1980s, Union Lido has always tried to decrease the release of plastic into the environment with the contribution of bagasse and paper on the take-away containers. Today more than ever, this policy has been extended to all internal activities, with the aim of reducing plastic over 90%. Union Lido wants to reach it through a careful differentiated waste collection, commitment in educating guests to recycle, infographics which are installed in each of the 78 collection areas.
In every lodging a biodegradable maize bag is provided, with an additional infographic on how to recycle affixed to each kitchen.

risorse riciclate

The accommodations are made following this green vein, such as the Camping Home Veranda, built using recycled resources, as well as the installation of induction hobs avoiding gas systems.

Impianti a LED

In recent years, lighting has been replaced, preferring LED systems with 75% energy savings, as well as the installation of photovoltaic panels for electricity production.
The remaining electricity needed is purchased from a certified supplier of renewable-source energy.

We share responsibility for energy consumption: Union Lido’s Guests are invited to use the air conditioning sensibly, and to switch it off when it is not absolutely necessary or when they are away from the accommodation.

The sanitary blocks have integrated solar energy systems to contribute to the production of hot water and we save water with flow reducers with timer for the taps and for all the showers around the campsite, including the water parks and on the beach. In the latest generation sanitary blocks, even the toilets are low in water consumption. For the cleaning of the 14 blocks, biodegradable Ecolab brand detergents are used.

All this means environmental protection through the safeguard of native species in the 4 hectares of pine forest, guaranteeing of biodiversity of the flora. And to fight mosquitoes, Union Lido uses only certified organic treatments.

All the employees of Union Lido, about 500 people, cannot smoke throughout the area. There is also a ban on smoking on all the Union Lido beachBeach that preserves the dunes, favourable habitat for the nesting of some protected birds and the growth of pioneer plants, but also useful for retaining the sand and promoting these delicate avifauna ecosystems.

Inquinamento acustico

In recent years, thanks to the collaboration of some suppliers, Union Lido tries to reduce sound pollution from the noise of vehicles driving around the campsite. A noteworthy collaboration is the one with Sammontana which guarantees the daily supply of products with an electric vehicle.

Mezzi di trasporto elettrici

The internal public transport is electric, and the number of electrical bicycles is increasing.

Merci a Km 0

The various restaurants and bars inside the campsite purchase zero-kilometre products to eliminate the long-range transport of food products.




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